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een van de interpretaties
een van de interpretaties


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The sculpture of Moore is the expression of a man who has suffered a lot in battle, and lost an arm and a leg.

He defends himself behind a big shield. He has got something heroic but also some sadness. At times it gives me the feeling of "itís your own fault, you wanted to fight, so thatís what you get.." But apparently he has to deal with enemies who continue to attack, even after he is completely disabled.

Or he has become mad, posttraumatic, stressed out and sees ghosts, or he is defending himself courageous.

Anyway, I can talk about this for a long time. I have drawn the sculpture of Moore in the garden of the councilmuseum in Arnhem, The Netherlands, and if I am right I also have seen a similar sculpture in Florence. After this drawing I have made a whole series at home.

Dedicated to my father and to JimBWarrior.

translation Gerrit Blok

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