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English translation of part of a Dutch Childprotectionreport

  • Highest Dutch court on case Joep's daughter (translated)
  • statement for the European Court of Human Rights

    The report was written by a social worker from the Child Protecing Service Zwolle (East Netherlands); mr.R.A.v.d. Werff. This part is the final part. This report was regarded as to be "carefull and objective" by the court (primary and secondary judge).

    I asked the director of the Child Protection Service East, mr Pasman, to give his comment on the translation. I did'nt hear anything from him, concerning this request.

    The translation was made by an professional translator and regarded afterwards by a native English speaker. Everyone is free to use parts of this copy and translation in the way you like. But if you do so I would like to hear about it. I anonimised the name of the mother.

    Joep Zander

    translation + original

    Translation Report Child Protection Service

    I guess father must be considered as a person who acts according to his own idea's and thinking. I do not think he's ready yet to fit in with the ideas of other people.
    I got the impression he ignores the fact that a child has a need in its upbringing for attention to be paid to its own needs.
    Well, he gives the impression of knowing exactly what Rosa needs.
    In a way he does have ideas that would appeal to a child , like singing songs and cycling on a carrier tricycle with his daughter through town.
    This however, seems to be more an answer to his own need to to be considered a progressive father rather then being something that would fit into a sensible education for Rosa.
    Thus I think that a good arrangement of meetingtimes for Rosa and her father will only be possible when two pre-conditions have been met.
    In the first place Rosa must be ready for it . In the second place father must be willing and be able to deal with her in a different way.
    That means he must be willing to meet the pedagogical lines mother sets.
    I think father will not be able to do this on his own. He would have to ask assistance himself by the regional mental health institute.
    The parental access-arrangement between father and Rosa cannot be continued at the moment.At what term an arrangement for parental access will be possible is not foreseeable.
    It is clear to me that it will not be a short time matter.
    Mother will have to prove her responsibility as the most important person in Rosa's life.
    With professional help she will have to work towards improvement.
    When Rosa is ready to see her father again mother will have to take take the initiative in that direction. onomstotelijk bewijs dat ik nog steeds op een bakfiets rijd en dus nog steeds mijn dochter niet mag zien
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