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This is the second Dutch book about Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). The book is built around three recent in-depth interviews with, respectively, a child, her mother and her father within the context of the parental divorce 15 years ago and the subsequent parental alienation of the child, now a mother herself. The interviews are cross-referenced with a summary of the judicial files covering the custody battles between the parents. The book includes articles on the consequences of loyalty conflicts of children with separated parents; the various international positions on PAS and the current debate on PAS in the Netherlands. The last chapter explores the potential for reporting an alienating parent for child abuse, aiming at criminal prosecution. The book is written and illustrated by Joep Zander. Publisher: Rela Publishing 80 pages full-colour cover. Price 9.50 Euro. Also available at specialized bookshops in the Netherlands. ISBN 90-808631-1-4 NUR 775,822745. 1st Edition. 2004.


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