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My interest and passion for fatherhood and men stems from a combination of personal involvement as father and a professional interest as an educationalist, author, and artist.As a father I care ( equal parts with his mother) for my son Joshua (1998), but In the past, the responsibility and care for my daughter (1987) was taken from me.

In the past decennia I have been astounded by the way men and especially fathers are discriminated. In Europe that's not only occurring indirectly, not only as an "undercurrent", but also in a very direct and obvious way for example excluding fathers from custody by forms, documents and protocols in which they /don't exist as responsible parent. It is my opinion, that we, as men, have a long way to go, like other discriminated groups did before us, in changing this situation and indeed, creating an awareness in society of this situation. I feel, that we, as men, have been so affected by this discrimination, that it has sickened our minds and behavior and is withholding us from solidarity and involvement in an emancipatory movement.

All this inspired me to rearrange my professional skills as artist and scientist in order to change this fatherhood-discrimination into a more accepting, respectful and supportive attitude from society towards autonomous fatherhood.

I wrote and edited several books and articles on fatherhood in general and more specific on Parental Alienation Syndrome in Dutch as well as in English. My research as Candidate PHD was on the healing-processes of grown up children with PAS/PAD. My first scientific article was about the way in which Parental Alienation affects paternal care responsibility. As an artist, I depicted fatherhood and brought it in the public domain. I made a statuette being the "fatherhood trophy" a price in the Netherlands for good-fatherhood-practices) and my paintings did appear in the media and contributed to the political discussion on equal parenting.

Furthermore I was involved in the founding of fatherhood-centers, political lobbying, and I was one of the founding fathers of the declaration of Langeac on equal parenting. I give lectures on art and fatherhood, familyright-issues and on Parental Alienation. I'm also a member of the international Parental Alienation Study Group.

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