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    Fatherhood has become an international and human's rights issue. This is exemplified in a "straight-no chaser" book on Men's and Fatherhood issues that will be released in February 2004 entitled "IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R) -- Transcending Boundaries." The book which is authored by D.A. Sears, the Managing Editor of a quarterly international male parenting journal, features articles by and interviews of Men from all Walks of Life throughout our global village that explore issues relating to Fatherhood that Men have only talked about inaudibly for years. Howard University Political Science Professor Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D., Thomas Lessman, Chairman of the Million Dads March who orchestrated an international demonstration by Men who are Fathers in the streets in cities around the world on Father's Day -- Sunday, 15 June 2003, Harvard University's Alvin F. Poussaint, M.D., best-selling author Warren Farrell, Ph.D. who was a candidate in the 7 October 2003 California Gubernatorial Recall Election and ran on a "Fathers' Rights" platform and Joep Zander of The Netherlands and one of the co-founders and co-signers of the Langeac Declaration which is an international Declaration of Father's Rights -- are just a few of the men featured in "IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R) -- Transcending Boundaries."

    During her four-year tenure as Managing Editor of a quarterly international male parenting journal -- IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R) Forum For and About the Fathers of the World (, Sears has interviewed more than 100 Men. Sears has authored and published reviews for numerous books about Fatherhood and men's rights issues including "Father and Child Reunion: How To Bring The Dads We Need to the Children We Love," by Warren Farrell, Ph.D.; "Swallowed By A Snake: The Gift Of The Masculine Side Of Healing" by Thomas R. Golden, LCSW; and "The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Single Father" by Thomas Hoerner. Ms. Sears has co-produced Fatherhood forums and has been interviewed by the electronic and print media concerning Fatherhood issues. A Philadelphia native, Sears is featured in the 2003-2004 National Register's Who's Who In Professionals and Executives.

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    BLACKSBURG, VA. – 10 JUNE 2004 – He is an author, scholar, mentor and a tenured Associate Professor of History at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia. He is Hayward Farrar, Ph.D. and he has just written a review for a “straight no-chaser” book on parenting from a male perspective entitled, In Search Of Fatherhood®: Transcending Boundaries that was published in March 2004 by Xlibris Corporation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In Search Of Fatherhood® -- Transcending Boundaries consists of a series of essays from and interviews of a group of men from diverse backgrounds compiled by Diane A. Sears, a member of the University Council of Akamai University’s Fatherhood and Men’s Studies program and the Managing Editor of a quarterly international male parenting journal entitled In Search Of Fatherhood® Forum For and About the Fathers of the World.

    Farrar has some profound things to say not only about Sears’ book, but also about the issue of Fatherhood – an issue that has become the subject of an intense dialogue in the international community. So, exactly what did Dr. Farrar have to say?

    “Fatherhood is in crisis in today’s America, especially in the black community,” Dr. Farrar observed. “Since the 1960s fathers have been characterized as patriarchal, abusive, irresponsible, and absent. The numbers of children born out of wedlock to be raised in single parent (usually fatherless) has risen to exponential numbers. The courts increasingly view fathers as inherently unfit parents good only for a child support check. Tragically far too many fathers live up to these negative stereotypes, and far too many women buy into these stereotypes as well. The result is that many women, especially black women, have given up on having and raising children in a two parent situation, and are now using men as sperm banks to provide them with babies that they will raise on their own. This is a disastrous state of affairs. Every relevant study indicates that children raised in single parent homes are more likely to exhibit pathological behavior than those who are not. Committed loving fathers are needed to model proper behavior for their sons and demonstrate to their daughters the example of a loving and decent man. Mothers without fathers suffer undue emotional, financial, and social stress raising children on their own. Finally men without families tend to go bad, eventually suffering from severe and chronic physical and emotional illnesses. While many women can survive and even flourish being single, most men cannot. For any number of reasons men need to be husbands and fathers to live spiritually and emotionally healthy lives. Those who bought into 1960s and 70s notions of individual freedom and personal fulfillment have found out the hard way that such things are meaningless without a strong family and community structure. Such structures are imperiled today. In Search of Fatherhood Transcending Boundaries, a collection of essays edited by Diane Sears, the editor of a quarterly journal In Search of Fatherhood Forum for and About The Fathers Of The World, deals with the trials and tribulations fathers face today in maintaining agency and legitimacy in a world that seems not to need them. Stephen Baskerville opens the collection with a powerful chapter, perhaps the best in the book, calling for divorced fathers to form a political movement to ensure equity in child custody and child support issues. He explains that fathers cannot secure their god-given rights to their children through individual action. That would needlessly involve their children in messy divorce litigation. Only in a broad-based movement modeled on the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King can secure for fathers the dignity and respect they deserve. Then there are intensely personal essays from Muhammad Nasser Bey, Randy Collins, Dale Fraza, Almas Jamil Sami', and Thomas Golden, sharing their experiences as stay at home fathers, fathers burying fathers, and fathers who, though enduring financial and professional ruin, still maintain their connection with their children. There is a collection of haiku style letters from L.T. Henry to his son. Men’s rights experts Warren Farrell and Joep Zander contribute essays father’s rights issues with Zander describing the successful father’s rights movement in the Netherlands. The founder and editor-in-chief of Black Men In a well-known webzine for black men contributed an essay with his thoughts on the challenges that face today, as does the distinguished psychologist Alvin Poussaint. Hip Hop entrepreneur and raptivist James Kennedy contributes an essay giving the hip hop generation’s unique perspectives on fatherhood. Finally the founder of the Million Dad March Thomas Lessman describes this event and its impact. In Search of Fatherhood: Transcending Boundaries is a long overdue look at fatherhood issues. In the well-meaning effort to ease the problems of mothers and their children, fathers and their issues have been overlooked. In Search of Fatherhood: Transcending Boundaries is a welcome effort in correcting this situation.”

    In Search Of Fatherhood: Transcending Boundaries is available on,,, at and at Robin’s Bookstore at 108 South 13th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A promotional event for In Search Of Fatherhood: Transcending Boundaries has been scheduled for Father’s Day – Sunday, 20 June 2004 beginning at 2:00 P.M. at Robin’s Bookstore.

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