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DE BAND 1995

Bandage for Family Bonds

Thematic exhibition on the unalienable bond between children and their parents
Is the Child-Father-Mother triangle the unbreakable primeval bond? The triangle would seem vulnerable. Mothers died in at childbirth, fathers perished in factories or on the battlefields. Divorce has become the modern battlefield for the family bond. Sustaining the family triangle appears to be a challenge. Currently the father segment of the family triangle seems the most fragile. Mediation is an approach to the healing of family bonds that are breaking down.

On the occasion of the presentation of the book "Child and Mediation" (Cees van Leuven &, Annelies Hendriks) on 28 of November 2003, the related art exhibition " Nood Ver Band" (Bandage for Family Bonds) is opened in the museum "Het Kruysenhuis" (Oirschot, NL). The collection will be on show until 18 of January 2004. The majority of the artworks are by Joep Zander. Other artists represented are Marion Geerlings, Marielle Manche, Chris van Schriek en Lucebert.

A highlight of the exhibition is the original Pappa-painting of the petition post card that played a significant role in the 1998 parliamentary discussions resulting in the new Dutch family law introducing joint child custody. All artwork at the exhibition shows a strong expressionistic character and represents both a question mark and an exclamation mark. How are parents empowered to care for children? The painting "Uitzicht/Inzicht" (Outlook/Insight) is the optimistic counterpoint in this exhibition, the exclamation mark. The cover of the presented book is illustrated with the Outlook/Insight painting.

For information on the exhibition and the underlying issues please refer to:

Museum Kruysenhuis: De Moriaan 9a Oirschot (0499-570210)

(translation Hein van Gils)



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