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Artikel in In search of fatherhood; oktober 2005. Quotations

The method of taking away fatherhood by imposing a set of unreal rationalizations (by the courts), requires special strategies (on the part of the father) to survive this judicial scythe. These survival strategies are as therapeutically unavoidable as they are essential for political action. So far, these survival strategies have not received recognition within the fatherhood movement. On the other hand, the compulsory focusing on individual court cases mostly precludes solidarity among victims (of fatherhood theft).


Engagement of painters becomes politically powerful when it strengthens the artist himself and his message. The opportunities for this role of (political) art will increase in the coming years, in my opinion, without denying the autonomous position and functions of art. These elements have contributed to my own strategy for expressing and fostering my fatherhood. The outside inside and the inside outside. With an image that moves the perception of fatherhood.


The full article The Dutch version of this article can be found in the book Gemist Vaderschap by Joep Zander and Emiel Smulders.

Het hele artikel is, in het engels, te lezen in het blad "In search of fatherhood". De nederlandse versie is inmiddels verschenen in het boek Gemist Vaderschap van Joep Zander en Emiel Smulders. De presentatie van dit boek gaf aanleiding tot een expositie over gemist vaderschap in het vadercentrum ADAM in Den Haag.


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