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This is a translated part of The judgement of the Dutch Supreme Court in the case of Joep's daughter Rosa.

Part 2 pleads that it is not clear what the Court meant by the term enforced access, since the court has not stated "to whom, in the eyes of the Court, the access compulsion is directed.

The complaint misses it's mark. By "enforced access" the court only means acess wich not takes place voluntary, but rather on the grounds of a parental access agreement imposed by the Court.

The court does not in this connection, have in mind the compulsion to be experienced by the mother; in this decision it has explained sufficiently why in this judgement, the imposition of a parental accessagreement is under the current circumstances against the paramount interests of Rosa, even though it is reasonable to to suppose that there is no obstacle in the relationship between Rosa and her father itself.

22-9-1995 Hoge Raad der Nederlanden

high judges Roelvink, Neleman en Nieuwenhuis

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