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Family Dynamics

R... Zander was born into a situation with a mother and father loving her and caring for her. After the separation of the parents she continued being taken care of by both parents: her mother being appointed as guardian and her father as co-guardian. She was closely attached to both and developed in her early years a special relationship with her father which she could live during the visitation times they spent together. They both enjoyed playing music and singing together, activities that express a general joy of life and enhance the development of the childsā€˜ creative expression.

The birth of R... having been a life threatenig experience for the mother, she seems to have developed a symbiotic relationship with her daughter in the following years. This (evaluated) symbiotic relationship was incompatible with R...s close relationship to her father. The mother apparently could not allow R... to love both parents, herself and her father. Thus, at a very early age, R... sensed that she was not really supposed to show her affection for him.



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